Miles+Bonus partnership with attica department stores will give you the opportunity to discover a fascinating world full of your favorite beauty and fashion brands!
Visit any attica department store, make your purchases selecting from a wide variety of beauty and fashion brands and take advantage of miles accrual and redemption!

For every purchase you make from attica department stores you earn 2 miles for every 1 euro spent!

At the same time, you can redeem miles for every purchase with ratio of 300 award miles for every 1 euro spent!

The minimum number of award miles you can redeem is 3,000 miles per transaction.
The discount you are eligible to get through miles redemption, cannot exceed 50% of the gross value of your purchase.
Take advantage of the partnership and visit attica City Link at Athens city center and four more department stores in Athens and Thessaloniki – attica at Golden Hall, attica at The Mall Athens and Mediterranean Cosmos and at Tsimiski in Thessaloniki!

* The minimum number of miles you can redeem during the promotion period is 3,000 miles per transaction.
The discount you can receive through the redemption of miles, can not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the gross value of the purchase you make.

Find out more at one of our department store cash registers.

The Miles+Bonus card must be shown prior to the transaction for the proper registration of the miles to your account.
For the completion of the redemption process in the store, the member must have declared a valid mobile phone in the Contact details of his Miles+Bonus profile. During the redemption process, a confirmation code will be sent by SMS to the member, which will only be valid for a few minutes and must be showed to the cashier of the store immediately.