attica Fashion Gift Card

attica Gift Card

Searching for the perfect gift idea? Give something extraordinary, give a Fashion Gift Card!
The attica Gift card is the perfect present for brightening up your beloved-ones day. With an attica Gift Card, your special someone can pick just the right thing from any attica department store.

Simply visit one attica department store, choose your gift card and choose the amount! 

- The attica Gift Card is used exclusively for shopping in all attica department stores.
- Cannot be refunded or used as a credit card. In case of loss, theft or destruction, its value is not replaced, nor is it returned.
- In case the card is not used for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months, then its balance is automatically canceled and zeroed.
- The attica Gift Card concerns exclusively the physical attica department stores. Cannot be redeemed at attica eshop.
- The attica Gift Card can be issued through the Call to Shop service, however it is redeemable exclusively at physical attica department stores.
Its use is an acceptance of these terms.